Elevate Group Coaching

for Spiritual and Wellness Entrepreneurs

We’re passionate about creating more successful spiritually based entrepreneurs so that they can get their greatest work out into the world.

An immersive 6 month coaching and mentorship program for healers, lightworkers, therapist, coaches and spiritual teachers who are ready to release their money blocks, visibility fears, build a business and monetise their soul’s purpose! We join together to rise up, to rise in vibration, in consciousness and in energy to create abundant businesses.

This is for visionary entrepreneurs who are done with running from their power and under-earning and are ready to serve without suffering.

It’s time to create a soul aligned business that serves the world and rewards you abundantly.

If this is you

You have no idea how you’re actually going to make it all work. You’ve never run a business before, and it seems overwhelming. You’re gripped by fears such as:

  • What if I don’t get any clients?
  • How do I even go about getting clients?
  • What if they hate me?
  • What if they tell the whole wide world I’m no good?
  • What if I really am no good?
  • There are so many of us out there – how am I going to convince anyone to pick me?
  • I need a website.
  • I have no idea how to create a website. Or blog.
  • Is this even a good idea?

Client Results

Elevate Group Coaching

Many healing modalities teach you how to be a healer, but fail to show you how to build a successful business. In the 6 month Elevate Group Coaching Program, Anna Kitney and Luci Valente will take you through step-by-step on how to launch and grow your wellness business with tools, strategies and high performance coaching to get you into practical action.  
Science-backed framework explores all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. You’ll feel more confident, joyous, and enthusiastic as well as more purposeful and fulfilled.


We will focus in bringing awareness In the amount of clarity you have and experience in your life. We define who you want to be, so you cam move forward faster and efficiently.


The goal is have clarity in what you are total courage and where you backdown, so you can gain confidence and create momentum in life and your projects.


The goal is to identify where you are with your energy and how to take simple action to generate energy daily, do you can do more with less time and effort, and the best of it with joy.


Being productive and mastering the area of productivity, is about mastering the area of people. Being able to perform at high levels consistently. Am I doing my life’s work, or just busy work? What would it take to 5X my productivity each week?


You will learn tools and concepts to underpants how influential have you been in your relationships and career, to became the most influential you can be in this areas.


Your mindset, behaviours, thoughts, feelings and actions and why you do those things. Am I Living my truth? Do My thoughts serve me ? Do I feel the confidence and joy I wanted at this stage of my life?


Making sure you have energy physically and mentally is taking care of your physical body and health, Being able to perform at top levels. Is also, how you express yourself with passion. Do I feel an extraordinary level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy? Am I Sleeping, eating, exercising, and speaking with enough passion to generate the emotions and power I desire? When Mastering this area, you can be able to achieve those massive goal.

Guided Meditations

Recorded guided meditations and empowering belief downloads to support your mindset for ultimate success. Your Money Clearing Meditation will have you owning your prices with elegance and integrity. Guided manifesting meditation with the Merkabah to Call in your Soulmate Clients with grace and ease. Soul-Fuelled Selling is a divine and holy service to others. Surrender shame for asking for money for your gifts, knowledge and genius.


Is about your people skills, have patience to influence and persuade people to help you, believe in you, support you. Have I developed the people skills needed to serve and lead? Am the whole model my family needs me to be?


Understand if you really going into the right direction, is about connecting you to your purpose, understanding what really brings you alive and staying on track, How do I stay one my unique path despite all the distractions? When should I quit something. Vs Stick with it ? What makes me fully alive so you can truly give and serve with full power because you are aligned with what’s is true for you.


Is about identifying where you are and where you are not fully present, or avoiding in your life. Understand if you are feeling in the now and present and showing up with full present every single day in full presence. Am I Fully engaging life? What am I avoiding ? Who needs me to show up on my A Game ?

Energy Clearings

Every month we have a 1hr energy clearing to release the common blocks to life success. From money mindset, to self-worth, law of attraction, self sabotaging patterns that hold us back. All the calls are recorded to listen to again and again for deeper subconscious programming.

Let’s do this
We’ll be supporting you in stepping more fully into your power and potential. Through the coaching process, you discover new beliefs, habits, strategies, and tools that help you join the world’s most successful people. Create a wellness business that will give you freedom and joy. This program is fully action-oriented. You’ll be creating your strategy, website, blog, email system, signature online program, and sales strategy with us as you’re going through the material.

Katie Brockhurst
Special Guest Trainer

Katie Brockhurt

Social media strategist for some of the leading spiritual teachers in the world.
Katie share ideas and strategies to grow your online community so that you can get your message and gifts out into the world. And how to do it without been stuck constantly on social media.

The number of follower is false metrics. What matters most is the relationships and conversations you are having with your community, and how you can serve them better.

Special Guest Trainer

Joanna Lingam

Is a legal business consultant who helps therapists, healers, coaches & trainers: build a solid business foundation with proper protections, processes and teams in place. Joanna’s skillset lies in helping others to ‘take action’ when it comes to achieving their vision and desires.

Why you need Terms of Use, GDPR, Cookies & Privacy Policies for your services so that you and your clients are clear and protected regarding what services you do and don’t provide.

Here’s what’s covered in the program

  1. Identify your soul-align clients
  2. Business Models – online courses, events, VIP Days, workshops, retreats, proup programs, masterminds, membership site, affiliates, products …
  3. Create an offer package that sells itself
  4. How to get your first 5 clients fast
  5. Basics of marketing and selling your services with joy and authenticity
  6. How to have enrolling conversation with my highly converting sales script
  7. High Performance Coaching for getting more done in less time
  8. Getting organised in your life and business as an entrepreneur with tools, managing your calendar and automating client bookings
  9. Copy writing basics
  10. Money Mindset for Success
  11. Branding basics – creating a strong and cohesive brand that builds value
  12. Creating a website that sells for you
  13. Getting a Professional Photoshoot
  14. Using Facebook Lives Model to generate leads and sales for your business
  15. SPECIAL GUEST – Katie Brockhurt: Social Media Strategist for Spiritual Teachers
  16. SPECIAL GUEST – Joanna Lingam: Contracts, Legal set-up

What’s included in the 6 month program

Elevate Group Coaching


  • Lifetime access to the Elevate Group Coaching program, delivered live via Zoom every 2 weeks by Anna Kitney and Luci Valente. Calls start 23rd April 2020
  • Monthly live 1 Hour Group Energy Clearing and Meditation Calls
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community with personal support from team, you’ll also connect with your accountability buddy
  • Bonus Recorded Meditations
  • Launch and Grow Your Wellness Business Online Course (VALUED £897)

Investment: £4,997

Starts Sept 2020

Payment Plan: 12 x £450

Starts Sept 2020

Clarity of vision, support and Anna’s strategies enabled me to hit a 10K month this month – the fastest goal-reaching I’ve experienced! Anna’s strategies gave my business the exact infusion it needed to enable me to create more services that will allow my own clients the same growth! I’ve made my return on investment in what feels like no time at all! I am attracting soul-aligned clients who are getting as phenomenal results as I am.

Amelia Critchlowhit a 10K month this month

When I started coaching sessions with Anna I didn’t have any business ideas and was unsure of how to excel in my current profession. I worked with Anna to clear any blocks which were preventing me from focusing on my life purpose. We agreed action steps between calls and within 3 months not only was I able to discover what I’m passionate about, but I have also set up my business and started serving clients. Anna has a unique approach which has helped to shift my mindset to focus on the highest good of all situations. She has a truly magical way about her and I’m honoured to work with such a talented individual.

Joanna Lingam - Business Consultant & Coach | www.floreo.ukI have also set up my business and started serving clients

Apply for Elevate Group Coaching

We are only taking 50 people on this program to offer highest standards of care and delivery. This is strictly for serious action takers, who are self-motivated, are willing and have the funds to invest in themselves and their business and have a higher calling to do something great in this world. If you are successful on the call, you’ll be invited to join.

This program is for ambitious, self-motivated spiritual entrepreneurs who have a higher calling to do something great!

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